Once again…… Not about the knitting

~ I am sad to report that the chick in the burrow did not survive. It is thought that the chick starved because the parents weren’t bringing the right kind of fish. I was unaware until now that puffins are listed as threatened due to an increase in human activity that is causing a diminishing supply of the small fish they thrive on. To learn more about puffins, check out Project Puffin ~

After logging on with every intention of blogging about a knitting project or two, I decided to check the link to the puffin nest cam to see if it was still working. I caught a feeding! Mom flew in, dropped several shiny silver fish and immediately left. Felt sorry for the poor chick trying to gulp down a fish that looked way too big to fit through its mouth and down its throat. After several attempts to eat the fish, the chick dropped it one last time and moved on to successfully swallow smaller pickings. Keeping this post short. See, I’m not distracted!

Puffin chick with fish

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