2013 ~ no socks & lots of garter stitch

CA1 front

Color Affection knit in Titus

Sometimes knitters want a simple knit on the needles. I needed simple a lot in 2013. Thank you, Veera Välimäki, for the pattern Color Affection. Who knew I could love knitting garter stitch so much? Usually I find garter stitch boring, e.g. Stephen West’s Daybreak (seemed to go on forever), Grace Anna Farrow’s Twinleaf (currently on the needles and I just want it finished), and yes, Veera’s Stripe Study (the border seemed endless). The shawls are lovely, but don’t have anything interesting going on during the knitting of them. Color Affection holds some excitement when a semi-mindless knit is required. It must be the ever-changing short rows combined with three colors that place a nagging question at the back of my mind: “Will these 3 colors look as good together as I think they will?” Then, like magic, they do! The colors really do look as good together as imagined: possibly even better than imagined. I knit two Color Affections in 2013: the first in baa ram ewe Titus and the second in String Theory Bluestocking; I thoroughly enjoyed both projects. Excellent comfort knitting to calm the stress life throws at us. Many knitters must agree: the count for completed Color Affections on Ravelry is at 7786 as of this writing. That’s a lot of Color Affections.


one angel

At one time I was a sockaholic knitting one pair of socks after another. A pair of socks was always on my needles. I slowed down in 2012 knitting only 8 pairs of socks. In late January of 2013, I cast on a pair of socks, completed the cuff, knit 20 or so rounds of the leg, then…. I simply couldn’t knit another pair of socks. I’m not sure why. Maybe it was the pattern, Cookie A’s Gothic Spire. I knit Gothic Spire in 2012 intending the socks to be a gift for my sister, but they came out too small and ended up in my sock drawer instead of her’s. The pattern is beautiful, but a bit on the tedious side – wrapping stitches to make way too many angel heads, halos and wing tops placed so the angels look the same when turned on their heads. I couldn’t bring myself to continue and frogged the project. Am I never to cast on another pair of socks? Unlikely, but I have no desire to knit socks any time soon. Strange.

It’s time to get back into some serious knitting by picking up my Celtic Icon, a cardigan knit in pieces from the bottom-up. I set it aside when I decided to take a break from having to seriously think about the stitches on my needles. Knitting a garment that fits one’s body well is a challenge. Patterns as written typically require quite a bit of adjusting to fit my body. The project is about 50% complete. I only hope my notes make sense when I’m ready to calculate the increases and decreases for the remaining shaping to be done; i.e. the upper body, armholes and shoulders of the sleeves. Looks like the shaping so far is okay. Only some more time and knitting will tell.

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