I’m teaching a knitting class ~ seriously???

Teaching is one of the best ways to learn. So why not teach. I hope I’ve learned something from the 45+ pairs of socks I’ve knitted over the past 7 or so years. I consider myself a recovering sockaholic. Being a sockaholic isn’t such a bad thing, but I need more time to knit garments for parts of my body other than my feet. Having knit over 20 pairs of socks designed by Cookie A alone, it is time to cut back on my sock knitting. Way back. Here is my drawer full of Cookies as of October 2010 –

Cookies in drawer

Of course all the socks I’ve gifted are missing and the photo only shows the Cookie A designs in the drawer. There are other sock designers and I’ve knit many of those socks; there’s just something about Cookie’s designs that I love. Maybe it’s all the math.

So last night I’m knitting away on Cookie A’s Trystero (the sock pattern I chose for the class  I am teaching) and something seems off. I knit socks top-down in tandem with 2 sets of double-pointed needles; i.e. cast on and knit first cuff, cast on and knit second cuff & leg, back to first sock to knit the leg & heel flap, etc. I compare my two Trystero socks (in fabulous Noro Kureyon Sock): the one I’m currently working is about half-way through the gusset; the second is on hold after the heel turn. Here they are –

Trystero 1

Arrrgh! The pattern on the two socks doesn’t match. They are supposed to match. I like a pair of socks to match unless the pattern says otherwise. Not that I have anything against knitters who prefer to knit two socks from the same skein of yarn in two different patterns to produce a pair of socks; I’m just one of those knitters who wants paired socks to match. I once ripped out the entire foot of a sock when I saw that I could make the color transitions on both socks match by ripping back on one sock to the instep, breaking the yarn and knitting the foot beginning with the opposite end of the yarn. (I had given up trying to match the color transitions once I got to the feet.) Matching color transitions is not an easy task with Zauberball yarn; however, when an easy solution presents itself, I say go for it!Sam

Cookie has this fabulous tutorial on sock repair. I have a few pairs of hand-knit socks that need repair. I’m gonna give this a go whenever I can put down the sock needles.

WIPs ~ a personal record

On my needles (listed in order of cast-on with the most recent listed first) –

  1. Summer Solstice by Heidi Kirrmaier – a cardigan knit in stockinette. If not for the unique construction and working with Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool (a joy to work with), this project would drive me mad.
  2. Vanilla Socks – plain ole socks knit from the cuff down. Cast these on to have something compact and mindless while waiting in the prospective-juror pool. The project mostly sits. Did not get called for jury duty. Yay! It was a really yucky case.
  3. Zigzag Top by Marianne Isager – fabulous design, simple to adjust size, fun to knit. Taking me forevah ’cause I keep getting distracted; I’ve had to rip back several times simply because I can’t seem to understand the written word. Marianne Isager is one of my favorite designers.
  4. Gothic Spire Socks by Cookie A – really, really have to get these off the needles. I work socks “in tandem” to avoid second-sock syndrome. First sock is just past the gusset; second is midway through the gusset so they are practically finished. Such a cleaver pattern. These were supposed to be for my sister, but they are too tight for her. Guess I’ll just have to keep them. My first project with String Theory Caper Sock. Very yummy!
  5. Color Affection by Veera Välimäki – According to Ravelry, 4,331 knitters are either working on or have completed this shawl; an additional 6,982 knitters have it queued up to knit. I love Välimäki’s designs. Not a fan of garter stitch, but the end results are gorgeous. My first project other than socks worked in all Bugga! from the Verdant (formerly known as the Sanguine) Gryphon. Bugga! is awesome and one of my absolute favorite yarns.
  6. Winter Berries by Marjorie Dussaud – set this scarf aside because I wanted to work on summer stuff. It’s really in hibernation even though I didn’t officially label it zzz.

So what did I do today…. purchased another pattern. I was only going to add it to my queue (#70), but noticed it was selling for 40% off ($3.60) until July 14. Derecho by Laura Aylor is a stunning shawl and looks like such a fun knit. I can’t wait to cast it on. Hope I have the perfect yarn in my stash, but then my LYS is having a 15% off sale this month.

There is a seventh WIP; yes, a seventh.The real #1 deserves it’s own post.